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Tmeds.pk is a blend of Technology, Trust, Time Savings with Comfort and Knowledge. On Tmeds.pk you can buy Genuine medicines & Over-the-counter(OTC) products with option to know your medicine in detail like uses, side-effects, precautions, interaction and guidelines for pregnancy \ lactating mothers.

With Tmeds, you don’t have to worry about running out of medicine or travelling long distance to buy medicines. Use our online platform to order medicine at a click of a button. We provide genuine quality medicines with reasonable discounts. Just search your medicines through various options like search through type medicine name in search bar, medicine categories menu, and Generic / manufacture name or upload your prescription if you have any problem in understanding doctor’s prescription & our pharmacists will guide you.

Buy medicines online at Tmeds.pk from the comfort of your home and we will take care of the rest! We will ensure that the life-saving drugs reach your doorstep without a hitch. Do away with the hassle of driving to the medical store, waiting in line, or even remembering your refills! Tmeds.pk will sort out those problems for you effectively so that you can lead a healthy and full life!

It is easy to order online medicines with prescription. Individuals who live great distances from a terrestrial pharmacy, the elderly, disabled persons, and those whose daily schedule includes additional hassles, all can benefit from the easy and fast purchasing of medicines online. Additionally, shipping charges are often less than the expense incurred from travel costs associated with a visit to a traditional pharmacy.


All the medicines/products sold through our platform are arranged from our reliable suppliers, wholesalers, distributors and companies to ensure best quality products and medicines being delivered. Moreover while delivering the medicines, our team follows strict safety protocols to buy prescribed medicines through our reliable suppliers, all you need to do is select your medicine on website through category channel or in search bar and upload your prescription on the Website using the ‘prescription Upload’ button or send through whatsap application on our given number. Once your prescription is uploaded, our team will get in touch with you to confirm your order.

Know about Generic Medicines and Medicine Substitutes

What do you do if the medicine prescribed by your doctor is not available in the market or it is too expensive? Consult your doctor and as per his advice opt for medicine substitutes. We tried our level best to accumulate necessary information of every medicine through accredited sources like webmd.com upon generic composition.

Get reliable info on medicines and their substitutes.

How can we help?

Generic medicines are equally effective and affordable. Tmeds.pk facilitates the search for substitute drug along with other related facts.

Users can also compare prices of various medicine brands with generic drugs. It has simplified information for ease to understand by the commoner. Enter medicine name and get branded equivalents with prices. Know about medicine substitute, how to use, precautions, side effects, interactions and more provided by our experts.

What are Generic Medicines?

Generic medicines are those that has same composition in the same quantity as the branded medicine. As far as curing the medical condition is concerned, generic drugs have same effect as the brand-name medicines. However, these medicines are sold using by a different name with a different look and might have certain inactive ingredients in their composition which do not affect the body as compared to the branded ones. Generic medicament cannot be sold at a higher price than branded medicine and therefore makes it highly economical.

You need to be careful about two things while using Generic Medicines:

  • Consult a doctor before making the switch to an equivalent medication. In certain medical conditions Doctors do instruct that substitutes should not be used and the pharmacist must not suggest a replacement.
  • Never consume a generic drug with the branded one as that will be an overdose. Remember one is a substitute of another.

Tmed is the best and convenience health solution for;

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Senior Citizens

Freeing senior citizens from dependencies by providing easy online buying of medicines and health supplements and to follow the physician recommended medication regimen

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Working Professionals

Overloaded with office work and often forget to buy medicine? Let us manage this with Tmeds.pk alert system that ensures you never miss a dose. Buy prescribed medicine online

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Buy medicines and healthcare supplements at substantial savings. Also ensure wellness of the Family with better health compliance

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Rural Populace

Tier Two and Three cities, as well as villages now get 100% original medicines from reputed companies and now have access to Physician prescribed brands